I’m Imperfect, Too.

My computer crashed! Taxes were due! I wrote a play! I was basting a turkey!

Lame, I know. Nothing you haven’t heard before, but all semi-valid reasons for not posting for a year. Well, except the last one. I still leave the turkey to my mom, and I don’t think she bastes.

Nonetheless, it’s time to kick it back up. I’m becoming more organized, and people still tell me I have some creative cooking tips and fun recipes. So I’ll be sharing those with you. I’ve figured out what my process on recording those recipes needs to be as well – make it once with in my carefree, non-measuring way, take some notes, and then remake it with some guidelines I can actually pass on. For the past ten years I’ve moved away from my teaspoons and measuring cups for all but baking, so it’ll be a challenge for me to return to them. But that’s the best way to be useful to any readers I might have. And regimenting myself might just mean I actually enter some cooking contests, a semi-demi-sorta-kinda goal of mine. (More like the glimmer of an idea than a goal, but it could become a goal.)

I also realized…I’m not going to hold back on the chocolate. I love chocolate, and I like to talk/write about chocolate. So every other recipe on here might end up being chocolate, and I’m not going to fight that.

A hint of what’s to come….chocolate covered almonds a la Nick Malgieri, guacamole, grilled portobellas, red cabbage slaw and more…


3 responses to “I’m Imperfect, Too.

  1. Having recently made red cabbage halushki, I will be interested to see your red cabbage slaw.

  2. So glad to see you back in action!

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