Chaos in the kitchen.

The Imperfect Kitchen. It’s what I’ve got. Chances are, unless you’ve just completed the remodel of your dreams, it’s what you’ve got, too. Wasn’t it Tolstoy who said “Perfect kitchens are all the same; every imperfect kitchen is imperfect in its own way…”?

But we make do. (I do, anyway.) I’m getting along in my Astoria kitchen cooking for 1, 2 or 10, with what I’ve got now. My cooking habits veer from quick & dirty to foolishly ambitious.

The Imperfect Kitchen’s philosophy is that food should be cooked with love, flavor, nutrition, and flexibility. What I’ve learned is that even when it doesn’t turn out quite like I’d planned, it’s usually delicious and always appreciated. Just know that gives me the sense of freedom I need to cook and play and screw up.

So choose your own adventure, roll with the punches, and start preheating… now!

(but not really. Wait until I’ve posted a recipe. Because otherwise you waste energy, and I’m not a fan of that.)


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